Based in the North East of Scotland

F J Paterson Occupational Health Ltd Occupational Health Services

F J Paterson Occupational Health Ltd Occupational Health Services

F J Paterson Occupational Health Ltd Occupational Health ServicesF J Paterson Occupational Health Ltd Occupational Health ServicesF J Paterson Occupational Health Ltd Occupational Health Services

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Who are we?

Our Services

Our Services

We are a local business striving to provide SEQOSH level Occupational Health Services to businesses all over the UK. We have been trading now for over 18 months and have over 9 years experience in Occupational Health and Travel Health. 

Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Health Surveillance 

Workplace MOTs

Flu Vaccinations 

Expectant Mother Assessments 

Display Screen Assessments 

Case Management 

Health Promotional days 

Pre -Employment Questionnaires 

Latest news

Our Services

Latest news

Work related illness, while workplace injuries and ill-health cost society an estimated £13.4 billion in 2010. A large proportion of this absence is linked with lifestyle-related illnesses, such as those related to alcohol, smoking, blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. 

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We currently cover companies allover Scotland including Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We also cover areas of England on request. 

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F J Paterson Occupational Health Ltd

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Sustainability is at the forefront of our business offering paperless results and paperless certificates.We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We are passionate about EVERYTHING occupational health at F J Paterson OH Ltd. Look after your staff well and they will look after you. Your employees are your biggest investment!!




COVID -19 – What can Occupational Health do to help you and your employees?

There is no denying these are unprecedented times and employers are faced with a certain amount of uncertainty regarding their employees and are bound to experience increased feelings of stress and anxiety.  

Information from the WHO is changing almost on a daily basis and it is difficult to know what advice is valid and trustworthy. One thing for sure is that employers duty of care towards then employees is more paramount than ever. It is important to guide your employees along with the law and company policies in these unstable situations. 

Occupational health is here to guide you and assess the fitness of your employees in order to support them in continue employment. 

o What reasonable adaptions can be made in order to support your employee within the workplace?

Do they have underlying physical or psychological medical conditions? 

o Do you need clarity and reassurance regarding their fitness to carry out contracted duties? If not, what are the legal implications? 

o Should my employee be in isolation due to an existing physical medical condition? 

What can you do as the employer to assist them?

We are here to support you in these difficult times and can arrange a telephone or skype case management referral at a time best suited to your employee. The telephone consultation lasts around 40 minutes with the completed report being securely emailed within 48 hours. 

Please contact us on FJPatersonOH@gmail.comfor further information or call us on 07743894636 to enquire. 

Please visit our website on www.fjpatersonoccupational.healthto book a case management appointment and to also gain further information on what we offer our clients.  



We are a local business using local physicians and technicians. Unlike larger OH Providers we are available 24 hours of the day  7 days a week. Ready to support all your occupational needs in advance or last minute.